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I like a Christmas poem but I really don’t like the way we’re being treated right now. Leaders have to set an example and take responsibility and it seems to me that ours don’t do either. So here’s a Christmas poem full of parties, full of fun, full of people who ought to resign.

‘Twas a week before Christmas
And on Downing Street
A party was raging
Just for the elite
While ordinary people
Just followed the rules
Alone in their houses
Being taken for fools
Some lay in the hospital
Wheezing and dying
Far from the laughing
And dancing and lying
Unable to hug or to
Hold someone’s hand
Or to smell or to taste
Or to breathe or to stand
To seek any comfort
No matter how small
It’s clear such people
Didn’t matter at all
When the party was on
All the liars could dance
But now that it’s over
They’ve had their last chance

So resign now PM
Please get out of our sight
Merry Christmas to all
And to Boris… Goodnight.

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