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I wanted to share something to try and express my feelings, knowing that no words can do justice to the horror that those people must have endured when their boat capsized.

I stand in the dark
The waves lap the shore
For days now I’ve travelled
How long I’m not sure
But I’m here at last
About to set sail
To start a new life
To begin a new tale
In a land without war
Where I might find a life
Where I might leave behind
All the torment and strife
The blood of my father
The rubble of home
The exhausted hope
Now that I am alone
With no safety
No money
No way to survive
No choice but to flee
To somehow
Stay alive
To climb on this boat
And live out my days
With the bones of my homeland
A life time away
My choices are gone
I have played my hand
I have to believe
That when I reach dry land
I’ll be given shelter
That people will care
That people will see me
That people will share
Because I don’t deserve
To have lost everything
I don’t deserve the
Judgement you bring
I don’t deserve to
Be crushed on a boat
With so many others
It struggles to float
I don’t deserve to
Be lost overboard
Thrown into the sea
After all I’ve endured
I don’t deserve to be
Drowned to maintain
The comfortable lives
From which you can complain
About migrants who steal
And migrants who kill
As if migrants just
Jump on the boats for the thrill
I’m not a migrant
I’m a human being
I’m so sick of struggle
I’m so sick of fleeing
And now that I rest
In the depths of the sea
I hope you’ll remember
That you are like me
Two people each dealt
Their differing hands
The luck of the draw
And the shifting of sands
Could have lead you today
To this same distant shore
Hoping for freedom
Hoping for more
Climbing aboard
That boat beside me
In your search for a life
In your search to be free

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