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The other day I read a tweet from a good friend of mine asking for a one line summary of what makes a good dad. Everyone who responded had their own ideas – from unwavering and unconditional support to taking regular trips to see Man U. Some of the words left on that thread were beautiful and they inspired me to write this poem. I took some of the words directly from the tweet so can’t claim them as my own. In particular, the gorgeous phrase “calm support for every dream – wise or otherwise” was written by the journalist Chris Moss.

I try to be a good dad
Your needs my only care
I don’t have all the answers
But I am always there

I make mistakes
I try my best
I have my flaws
Like all the rest
But I am here
Always for you
‘Cos that’s what dads
Are meant to do

I’ve cast my anchor deep
Into the broiling sea
Hold firm against the waves
As you hold tight to me

My unwavering support
No matter what it is you do
Like when you chose Liverpool
Knowing I support Man U
Or when school phoned to say
That your arm had snapped in two
And I pretended to keep calm
Without knowing what to do

I’ll be there when you fall
Wipe tears from your eyes
Give calm support for every dream
Wise or otherwise

A prouder dad
There could not be
A hostage to my love
Whatever dreams occur to me
Your dreams will lie above

They always will
They always have
Such gratitude
To be your dad
Attentive to your every need
To watch you grow
At lightning speed
Into the grown up
Stood before me
Yes, I’m crying
Just ignore me
Watching as you
Turn to leave
Into this life
Where I believe
You will be just
Completely fine
You’ll have your journey
And I’ll have mine

I’ll think about you every day
Out there, alone and free
And I think maybe sometimes
You’re thoughts might turn to me

So when you think about me
And about the times we shared
The jokes and the adventures
The times when you got scared
The movies and TV shows
The times I raised my voice
The times I might have let you down
When I felt I had no choice
The times we laughed together
The times you made me cry
The times you asked for help
And I’d try, I’d always try
Just remember that I love you
And that without a doubt
being in your life has been
What mine was all about

I tried to be a good dad
Your needs my only care
I did not have all the answers
But I was always there

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