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This world was once in harmony
And somehow we Let it Go
Now even Elsa can’t re-freeze
The polar ice and snow

No hammer blow from Mighty Thor
Can stop the storms from growing
No thunderbolt can calm the rains
Or prevent the winds from blowing

There is no prince Bellerophon
To slay this gross Chimera
No feet of Herculean strength
Brings balance any nearer

Our suicidal thirst for wealth
The Stark warnings from history
No Ironman can break the bonds
Between great power and industry

No Dr Who can save us from
This self inflicted fate
We have the chance to bring new life

The name is Earth, Planet Earth
And it’s license is to live
We need no secret agent
We have boundless love to give

It may take eight billion Doctors
But still its not too late
To open up our Tardis hearts
And to regenerate

This story needs no hero
It just needs you and me
To see our world for what it is
And then to let it be

Photo by King Lip on Unsplash

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