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Fear of the unknown always tends to strike me when hospitals are involved. Sometimes really simple stuff like your dad buying you chicken can pull you out of yourself and help you find a bit of courage.

It hurts when I wee
There’s no other way to say it
We’re heading to the doctors
Don’t suppose we can delay it
It’s been a few weeks now
And so we’re on the way
I hope it’s nothing serious
I hope it goes away
Up to freedom fields
The place where I was born
Just me and my dad
And I feel a bit forlorn
Because they’re going to do this test
Where they get this purple dye
Inject it into my Urethra
And once it’s done the doctor tries
To work out what’s wrong with my bladder
And if my kidneys work
I’m not keen if I’m honest
I’m afraid it’s going to hurt

But you help me hold my nerve
You watch my fear recede
As you sit with me at KFC
It’s exactly what I need

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