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Telling someone that you love them for the first time can be properly terrifying. Fear of rejection is such a powerful deterrent from doing the big stuff in life but I’m so glad I found the courage to say those three little words.

I knew it was going to happen
Because of the feeling of us
The feeling that life was beginning
When I sat with the girl on the bus

When we talked about John, Paul and Ringo
When we criss-crossed the world with our plans
When we kept stick insects in containers
When we dropped in for tea at your nans

I knew it was going to happen
But heartache is tricky to end
In part because I’m a bit shy like that
And in part because you were my friend

My best friend if I’m honest
Somebody I’d trust till the end
Somebody whose friendship was gold to me
Somebody I’d die to defend

I knew that I had to tell you
But I’d never been so afraid
About what I’d do next if you walked away
And what I’d do next if you stayed

I was a bit drunk when I told you
My courage propped up at the bar
We’d been at a party together
Now we’re sitting in leonie’s car

And my heart’s looking for an escape route
And I can’t get my words to come out
Like fingernails scraped down a blackboard
Self-loathing teams up with self-doubt

But I manage to tell you I love you
And I wait for the world to implode
And nobody speaks for a while
As I keep my eyes fixed on the road

And the things that I fear don’t happen
And the things that I dreamed don’t yet
And I wonder if I’ve done the wrong thing
And I feel a twinge of regret

But in a few days we’re talking
And in a few weeks we’re together
The moment I told you my feelings
Has altered our lives now forever

When I think back to the beginning
And everything we would have missed
From that night in the back of leonie’s car
To the moment when we first kissed
To the moment we moved in together
The moment we went to Nepal
The moment we travelled through Europe
The moment we painted the walls
Of the house that we paid for together
And the moment we danced our first dance
And the moment we moved back to Devon
And the one in a million chance
That we’d live here so happy together
With our boys in our beautiful nest
Of all the lives we could be living
The life we have lived is the best

And so here I sit feeling grateful
Still feeling that feeling of us
Still feeling like life is beginning
Still sat with the girl on the bus

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