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Jurassic Park was one of those movies that really hit the mark for me. At ten years old I was completely thrilled by it and I still love it now. It makes me think about the monsters that we have created over the last thirty years – social media, for example, which is built to connect us and entertain us but so often cause division and distress. We will never be able to foresee the full consequences of progress and innovation but perhaps we should think a little more sometimes before we take the leap. Is this really the direction we should take? Is this really going to make the world a better place?

The lights begin to dim
The films about to start
I’ve waited for so long
And hope with all my heart
That this will be as good
As the Michael Crichton classic
That the almighty beasts
Both Cretaceous and Jurrassic
Will seem as real to me
As the monsters in my mind
And that I’ll feel that fear
See those teeth that nash and grind
Be left in raptures by the Raptors
As they learn to open doors
And make mince meat of their captors
With their retractable claws
I can’t wait for Dr Malcolm
I can’t wait for Dr Grant
I can’t wait for Ellie Satler
I can’t wait, I really can’t
And as the film begins
And I hear John Williams score
My ten year old self
Learns what the cinema is for
To transport me away
To help me face my fears
To open up my heart
To fill my eyes with tears
To open up the world
To see what people do
The way we create monsters
In the search for something new
And the word’s of Ian Malcolm
Grow wiser by the year
As the world begins to suffocate
Beneath all of our ideas
Our tools of exploitation
The monsters we create
Invention dragging us towards
Our own self-harming fate
We still haven’t made dinosaurs
But thirty years later
The world is Isla Nublar
And our monsters are much greater

I guess that in the end
It all comes down to this
We turned the other way
Our ignorance was bliss

We’ve were all so preoccupied
With whether or not we could
We didn’t stop to think about
Whether or not we should

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